Looking for a dynamic speaker who will keep your audience engaged and ready to take action? Hire Margie for your next event!

In an online world of noise, it can be hard to decipher how to stand out. Over and over again, she has proven that it doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of email subscribers or followers on social media to stand out and quickly scale to 6 or 7-figures. Now she teaches others how they can build their own unique digital footprint, so their ideal client comes directly to them … on rinse and repeat.

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Margie is passionate about helping online entrepreneurs and financial professionals get serious and committed about creating a life by design, instead of a life by default.

Utilizing the power of the online world, she mentors and guides her clients to be intentional, create true freedom, and get rid of the hamster wheel of stress, overwhelm and burn out by automating lead generation online, stepping into the present and letting go of outdated marketing strategies that no longer serve you.

Margie’s two most popular topics to speak on are:

1. The Digital Strategy Freedom Zone
Margie get’s real with you through her own rise to the top story, where she realized that all the success she had created was not serving her. She taps into the myth that it has to take forever to create a 6 figure business or scale from 6 to 7-figures. The audience will be laughing, crying and taking action because she is all about results and getting you back in alignment with why you wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

2. Digital Scaling & Lead Generation for Financial Advisors Ready to Grow Online
Ready to learn how to automate and scale your business online from someone who’s been in your shoes? Margie brings a unique expertise to the industry to tackle the outdated prospecting tactics so advisors and planners can tap into the power of the online world and automate their lead generation process.


Demo reel  coming soon.

Contact Margie at margie@margieshard.com for speaking inquiries.