FINALLY!! A program specifically designed for those in the financial industry … created by someone who has the experience of growing a 7-figure firm, but also the knowledge of all the ways to tackle the online space … in a compliant manner.

After selling her firm, Margie spent 3 years creating several 6 and 7-figure businesses in diverse industries by tapping into repeatable online systems while still putting her unique spin on things. There is no one else in the industry with her credentials, able to help you scale and leverage the power of the online world.

Freedom Academy for Financial Advisors & Planners was created out of the need to bring the industry into the current digital age … so you can stand out in a unique, professional, powerful way.

If you already have a niche, Freedom Academy will scale you even further. If you are looking to create a niche, nothing will help you get there faster.

Inside Freedom Academy you will:

  • Receive hand holding through our 1:1 support
  • Have an implementable strategy for how to grow your online brand and digital footprint
  • Create your unique online sales funnel that has your ideal client scheduling appointments with you
  • Hands on support learning how to connect and run technology that automates your lead generation
  • Learn the ease, simplicity, and power of how to run social media ads to target your ideal client
  • Learn how small tweaks in your funnel can create massive profits during the optimization phase
  • Get very clear on a niche and the problem you solve within that niche
  • Create messaging that is compliant approved but also catches the attention of your ideal client
  • Scale your business according to your vision – whether that includes adding more administrative team members or financial advisors
  • Continue building your firm’s culture or your personal brand if you don’t personally own the firm you work with
  • Implement systems and structures that are lacking in your business based on 1:1 assessment
  • And more!

If you’re ready to stand out from your competition, grow your digital footprint and scale to new levels of success, Freedom Academy is waiting for you!

Cultivate a freedom based entrepreneurial mindset, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, develop your digital footprint and online brand, create an automated lead generation system and scale your financial practice while standing out from your competition.

Because of the hands on work done in Freedom Academy, spaces each month are limited.

To schedule your call to see if Freedom Academy is right for you, click here.

To learn more, click to watch Margie’s webinar here.