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If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines of your business and ready to start enrolling clients every month into your programs, then let’s have a no pressure conversation. Freedom Academy is ready to help you create your online lead generation system so you can stop stressing over where your next client is coming from.

IMPORTANT:  these complimentary calls are reserved for those who are genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of making a four figure investment in a business mentorship program to create the system to repeatedly bring in new clients into your new coaching, consulting or service based business or transform one if it’s currently not working. We have payment plans and financing available to make it affordable.  If that’s not you right now, we totally understand. 

If that is you then book your free session below and learn how you can avoid the overwhelm and distractions. Truly understand what it takes to build or grow your business in an intentional way that gives you all your freedoms and eliminates the worry about where you next client is coming from. During the call, we’ll discuss your expertise, skill sets and where you want to be in the next 3, 6 and 12 months along with an action plan to design your Signature Offer. We will map out what is required to hit your income goals and create the marketing and sales processes so you can create consistent cash flow for a 6 or 7-figure business. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big social media presence or an email list – our system is designed to take you from $0- 6 figures in a short amount of time, or scale from 6 to 7-figures without the hustle, overwhelm or stress!

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“Literally one of the best courses I have ever invested in!  I loved the Freedom Academy – Joining this program marks such a turning point in my business.  If you want to take action and set up a system to implement consistently from a place of freedom, this program is for you.  I got clear on my signature offer, I was able to nail down a strategy for sharing my message and started booking new clients into my program within the first 3 months.  I highly encourage anyone who is interested to check it out!”

 – Jamila T.


“I have looked into countless business coaching programs and FREEDOM ACADEMY is the only one that committed to daily assistance as I start up my coaching business. They have guided me as I navigate unfamiliar terrain and new opportunities. Their program has taken the best practices from all the other programs and cohesively implemented them in one place. Whenever I need coaching, they are available to help me adjust my mindset unlike other programs where participants are limited to weekly appointments. Margie is always available for me which is critical for my confidence and success. She is a master at narrowing down niches and facilitating the creation of signature programs and webinars. Tony is very knowledgeable about technology and makes himself available whenever I need extra help. They have made everything I need available for me (templates, design, plans, guidance, one on one coaching, encouragement, accountability and so much more!).

On top of all the hand holding, coaching, accountability, knowledge and support- I GOT RESULTS!!! My confidence is soaring!!! I experienced a life transformation in my business and will be forever grateful.”

– Jamee A.

“Margie has a unique ability to see one’s strengths and help them in identifying your weaknesses. If you allow her to coach and hold you accountable, you will grow, and that’s when the magic starts to happen. The past two years I’ve been mentored by Margie and it has definitely helped my personal and professional development, as well as leave my full time, corporate job.”

– Susana W.


“Margie has helped me grow as a professional and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, pushing me to amazing success. I was able to replace my full time income after working only a few months with Margie, implementing the advice and guidance she gave me.”

– Jen C.