Margie Shard, CFP® business scaling and sales funnel strategist, is a financial industry trailblazer, best-selling author, international speaker, and business growth expert for online entrepreneurs. Her unique understanding of online sales funnels and how to create a niche in a short time is unparalleled. After building a 7-figure financial firm, she sold her firm in May 2016, and is the successful founder of several 6 and 7- figure businesses built online through social media. She has numerous community and professional accolades including Investment News 40 Under 40, Five Star Professional, and Peak Advisor’s Practice of the Year.

Her Story 

After years of long hours creating a thriving financial firm, as well as feeling guilty as a full time – overworked mom, she transitioned her role and her life. Currently only working 20-30 hours a week and entirely location independent as a Business Scaling & Sales Funnel Strategist, Margie is passionate about helping others unlock their golden handcuffs and intentionally design their life. She is an expert at helping you take action to create massive impact so you can serve the world in a bigger way. In her free time, Margie writes romance fiction novels and admittedly, living in her dream location, enjoying the lifestyle she’s always wanted with her husband Tony and their son, Keegan.

“I help driven entrepreneurs go quickly from $0-6-figures, or scale from the 6-7-figure mark utilizing automation, and then I dive further and teach them how to build influence and wealth utilizing social media.”

More about Margie

Her best selling book, Financial Planning Exposed: Overcoming Myths to Create a Secure Future, empowers people to take control of their retirement plans while designing a secure future for themselves. Margie’s desire to stop the misinformation in the financial advisor industry stems from the disastrous situations she had witnessed since entering the industry in 2001.

The brains and host behind the previously recognized radio broadcast, “The Margie Shard Show”, also streamed nationally via podcast. Margie’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to create community events such as the Shard Financial Back Pack Night (formerly Women, Wine, Fashion & Finance) Fundraiser for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, as well as 100 Women Igniting Change. She has received numerous accolades for both her professional and community work.

Recognized by Investment News, 40 Under 40, and Peak Advisor’s Practice of the Year, her inclination to share resources and knowledge has found its way into work outside the office.

“I’m in an abundance mentality, rather than ‘I can’t talk to you because you’ll steal my ideas,’” Ms. Shard said. “We all become better if we share our ideas.”

A unique understanding of lead generation through online marketing has led her to help hundreds of entrepreneurs forge their own path to financial, time and location independence. Her diverse expertise in finance, entrepreneurship, online marketing and mindset allows her to really dig deep with her clients and motivate them to take the steps needed to create real change.

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Professional Bio

Margie is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a freedom based lifestyle that involves not only financial, but time and location independence. She has repeatedly been described by those who have worked with her as a powerhouse motivator. She regularly inspires others to take action and get past their fears so they can live their best life.

When Margie works with you, she understands where you are because she was you. She had built a 7-figure financial firm and was in the corporate rat race. She was overworked, exhausted, had tons of mom guilt and although the outside world saw her as the girl who had everything, she wanted more.

It wasn’t easy to move forward. Margie had written a best-selling financial book, had a financial radio show and was recognized by Investment News as their 40 Under 40. She had worked her entire life to get where she was and even contemplating change was often too much to think about. But contrary to popular believe, money wasn’t enough. She craved her time, freedom and longed to live in a warmer climate year round. She saw the success she had in her financial firm with social media and decided that it was the avenue to all 3 freedoms. She took the leap, sold her financial firm and moved from Michigan to Florida. She since has not only created several 6 and 7 figure businesses with social media, but she completely changed her life.

Margie now works from home, no longer has mom guilt, and lives a mile from sticking her toes in the sand. Whether she is helping new entrepreneurs transition from the corporate world and into their own profitable, freedom based business, or helping an existing entrepreneurs and financial professionals tackle the online world to scale their success, she is dedicated to helping you get real results. She is a get it done type of person who helps her clients streamline one action step to the next. Her expertise in finance, entrepreneurship, online marketing and mindset allows her to help others scale quickly and step off the hamster wheel of overwhelm, burn out, and exhaustion while letting go of outdated activities that no longer serve them. These unique skills allow her to help her clients face their fears and take action so they can truly have a better life for their family and themselves. Margie lives in her dream home in Cortez, Fl. She is married to Tony and has a son named Keegan. They have a Bichon Frise Chaddy and she enjoys boating, beach days, a glass of wine by the fire, kayaking and redecorating her house. Her biggest accomplishment is saying yes to herself and going after her dream life.